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My Celtic Friends helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
Welcome to My Celtic Friends! is a social networking site that strives to bring family, friends and musicians together in an active and engaging community powered by the strength of the Celts of all lands. Whether you are Irish, Scottish, Welsh, British or Spanish - our site has something to offer to your unique ancestral background. Our purpose is to provide a strong online community that transcends into your local community. Whether finding out about a new Celtic or Folk musician playing in your local area, or attending an Irish or Scottish Cultural event - we hope that we can spread the word that the culture of the Celts is strong and growing.

While other social networking sites are more interested in tracking your every movement, selling you the latest phony virus protection or working with governments and local police to search through your private information - My Celtic Friends is hosted on the same protected Celtic Radio servers and private email systems to keep your information confidential. We value your privacy and will do everything we can to protect that information from prying eyes!

The idea of has its roots in the popularity of the Celtic Radio websites and music broadcasts located at While our goal is not to replace our parent website, we wanted to provide a foundation of new technologies to help connect all Celts to the culture and music of our ancestors. To that extent we believe that you will love our new website that offers a safe and secure community to connect with new and old friends. We hope to capture the magic of Celtic Radio and provide a lasting tribute to the Celts of all lands by forging a strong enduring community.

We are Celts and We are Celtic Strong!

~ Wallace