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Moorland Winds

Sarah Copus is a talented award-winning performer. She sings and writes her own songs, but she is also an accomplished harpist. In her particular case, music is something that truly runs in the family. She has been making music for many years alongside her parents, who are in a new age prog bands. However, in 2016 Sarah took the next step forward and decided to try her hand at a solo career. Even under the young age of 18, she managed to hit the Billboard charts with not one, but two albums, which generated positive responses, airplay and rave reviews on a global scale.

Sarah also performs in Gaelic, and is heavily involved with the Texas Celtic music community, often performing with talented local musicians and attending events, festivals and venues on a regular basis.

Sarah is only 13, yet she already has a stunning debut album under her name and a recent recording called Moorland Winds. This record features powerful renditions of stunning classics, performed with a lot of passion, respect, and humility. The artist herself stated that she decided to record these songs out of her love for these timeless melodies, and her desire to help preserve them for new generations of listeners.

The result is a record featuring some well-known folk songs, but also some performances that have a deep, personal touch and a strong connection with the artist. Sarah managed to showcase her musicianship on this release, not only by highlighting her versatility as a harpist, but also by exposing her vocal chops, with great harmonies, a really nice range, and some amazing arrangements. On this record, other talented musicians also appear, including Sarah’s parents, Randy and Pamela (on guitar and whistle, respectively), as well as Rick Holt (Bodhran), Nathan Kennedy (Fiddle) and James Song (violin).

The album is currently available worldwide via iTunes, and you can learn more about this young talent directly on Sarah’s official website:

5 Stars from Celtic Radio!