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Get Up Jack! Vol. 2

Get Up Jack is a band with a truly magnetic approach to their sound. They are widely appreciated by audiences and critics alike for their unique blend of Irish folk.

The group features multi-instrumentalist John Haggerty, as well as seasoned performer and songwriter Mike DeAngelis, drummer Scott Apicelli, guitarist/banjoist Crick Diefendorf, bassist Tom Pirozzi and harmonics Doug Johnson.

Their performances are energetic, upbeat and dynamic, and they are able to engage their audience with their stomp-laden songs, fascinating melodies and timeless harmonies.

Overtime, their earnest musical compositions and heartfelt performances earned them comparisons with masters of the crafts, including artists like The Dubliners, The Wolfe Tones or The Clancy Brothers, just to mention but a few. However, Get Up Jack certainly set out to build their own way and follow their own path with their one-of-a-kind sound and vision.

Their most recent studio effort, “Alive & Well - Volume II", is a collection of songs that embody the band’s unique vision and sonic aesthetics. The album features 14 tracks that showcase a really broad dynamic range from this band. On songs such as the album’s opening number, “The Scotsman”, the band immediately fires up an energetic number with a tasteful arrangement and some thought-provoking lyrics that have a strong storytelling quality.

“Boys of The Old Brigade” expands on the energy and adds more to the table, with sing-alongs that are memorable and meant to include the audience in a really powerful experience. “Go Lassie Go” is certainly one of the most entertaining moments on the album, with its passionate groove and entertaining tempo.

What we particularly love about this band is that they are not only skilled entertainers: their music alternates moments of free inhibition and pure unadulterated energy, with other instances that are more introspective, intimate and emotions. On songs such as “I’ll tell me ma”, they also reveal a more understated and reflective side.

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5 Stars from Celtic Radio!