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Weir Celts

Certain music is so timeless that you can simply connect to it almost instantly - as soon as the notes hit your ears and the groove settle into your heart, you are immediately transported into a whole new dimension - a sonic world created by the artists, or better yet, channeled by the artists through the filter of their unique musicianship.

Christine Weir put together a phenomenal group of musicians in order to work on her 2nd solo album, titled “Weir Celts”. As the title of this release might suggest you, the music is heavily inspired by earthy Irish and Scottish folk influences, as Christine’s vocals shine through a constellation of blissfully arranged strings, rhythms and other instruments.

The band’s energetic modern attitude seamlessly blends in with the band’s unique feel and passion for retro aesthetic, making for a unique compromise between contemporary folk and timeless Celtic vibes. The album’s hilarious cover pokes fun at the famous Marilyn Monroe “skirt incident”…giving it an hilarious Celtic spin!

Christine and her band stand out for their authentic renditions of traditional classics, as well as inspired performances with a unique and vibrant twist. And that earns her a 5 star review from Celtic Radio!

Find out more and visit her page on Bandcamp to support the artist directly: